In the spirit of #BookLoversDay here's some books that have left a significant impact on me.  This is in no way a complete list.  I will update this list as I remember some books I've read and continue to read.

The topics will vary, but the main point will be to hopefully inspire a purchase / download / listen as well as get further recommendations like "Hey, if you like ____, you should read ____."


Formative Years
Catcher in the Rye: J. D. Salinger
The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell: Aldous Huxley
Wiseguy: Nicholas Pileggi
Light My Fire: My Life with The Doors: Ray Manzarek

A Short History of Nearly Everything: Bill Bryson
Time: A Traveler's Guide: Clifford A. Pickover
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: Robert Pirsig
Guns, Germs, and Steel: Jared Diamond
Freakonomics: Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt
The Tipping Point: Malcolm Gladwell

Steve Jobs: Walter Isaacson
Miles Davis Autobiography

The Startup Owner's Manual: Steve Blank
Good to Great: Jim Collins
Predictable Revenue: Aaron Ross
The Innovator's Dilemma: Clayton Christensen
Crossing the Chasm: Geoffrey Moore
Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill
Measure What Matters: John Doerr

Personal (Self help? 😬)
Atomic Habits

Autobiography of a Yogi: Pramahansa Yogananda 

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