Cosmic JS is a cloud-hosted content platform that makes it easy to manage content for websites and applications. I built Cosmic JS because I saw a problem with scaling content across platforms and devices.  After years of building applications using installed content management systems, I became tired of rebuilding APIs to handle content distribution from a website to microsites, landing pages and applications.  I decided to build one API to handle all content outlets for easier and faster distribution, and Cosmic JS was born. Cosmic JS allows for easy content management and distribution by giving you the power to store content as JSON objects in an API that can be delivered anywhere.



Cosmic JS is API-first, meaning your content can be distributed across all devices and platforms from your website, to microsites and landing pages, to native mobile applications which allows for faster development cycles.   And when you use Cosmic JS to serve data and files, application servers can be kept light-weight which saves on server costs.

Get started

Click here to sign up for a Cosmic JS account, it's completely free to sign up. Cosmic JS is currently in private beta but you will be notified when your account has been activated.

Start building

Click here to check out the available clients for JavaScript and PHP on GitHub. Currently there are available clients for JavaScript and PHP to help you get started building scalable, content-ready applications.

View examples

Click here to view code for websites built using Cosmic JS. I'll post some tutorials on this blog soon to show you how easy it is to use Cosmic JS to manage content for your next project, so stay tuned.  If you have any questions, please post them below, or reach out to me on twitter or email me. Thanks, Tony Spiro Click here to go to Cosmic JS Click here to go to Cosmic JS on GitHub